3 Reasons To Consider Hydrographics For Your Car

9 October 2015
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Hydrographics is a great service to take advantage of due to the many benefits that it can provide. Hydrographics allows you to apply designs to a wide range of objects by lowering them into water where a film containing the design you requested is floating. 

As the object is lowered through the film, the design is transferred to the surface of the object. You should consider painting your car with hydrographics if you want a durable paint job, versatility, and to save a bit of money.

Durable Paint Job

One of the biggest reasons to consider hydrographics is because it is quite a bit more durable than its main competitor, vinyl wrapping. While vinyl wrapping is usually the more common approach, there are a few issues that come along with it that do not apply to hydrographics.

For example, you cannot really vinyl wrap anything that will get too hot as this can cause the vinyl to melt, whereas hydrographics can be used on hot surfaces without any issue. As a result, you will often see people resorting to hydrographics instead of vinyl wraps to create custom engine covers and hoods. In addition, many companies that provide hydrographic services will place another layer of gloss paint over the printed design in order to protect the image from scratches and other damage.


Another reason to consider hydrographics is because it can be used for a wide range of different products. For example, you can utilize this type of service on just about any type of hard surface. This allows you to expand hydrographic use beyond just your vehicle.

Other ways that you can use this type of service is to create custom design jobs for firearms, countertops, and much more. Another reason that hydrographic services are so versatile is because they can transfer a design onto an object of whatever size you need. This means that you could have your entire vehicle redone with the design of your choice or only have it applied to certain sections.

Save A Bit Of Money

Finally, hydrographic services can often be quite a bit cheaper than the alternatives, especially if you are looking for a custom design for your vehicle instead of just a change of color. If you want a custom design painted on your vehicle, you will often end up spending a lot of money to have an artist air brush the design you want onto the vehicle. However, a hydrographic specialist can simply print the design that you want onto the film, which is both cheaper and less time-consuming.

Speak to an auto body and paint shop today in order to discuss the many benefits of hydrographics. This service is a great way to save money and get a very durable paint job for your vehicle. In addition, this option is very versatile and can be applied to many different types of surfaces and products.