A Step By Step Guide To Painting Your Car

16 November 2015
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Taking the time to repaint your classic car may take a while, but you'll be absolutely blown away by the amount of money you can save and you'll be proud that you did it yourself. You can expect a full paint job to take a few days minimum, as the steps are fairly time consuming. Before you begin you'll need to make sure you've got the rights tools and equipment to do the job properly and safely. Read More 

Three Problems That May Be Hidden When Doing Car Repairs After An Accident

20 October 2015
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If you have been in a car accident, sometimes getting your car fixed can be a lot of work. There are some problems that may not be as noticeable when doing repairs. Sometimes, these problems can even go unnoticed and continue costing you money in the form of extra repairs, tires and safety. Here are some of the less noticeable damages that an accident can cause your car: 1. Problems With Brakes That Can Cause Safety Problems Read More 

How To Save Money Repairing Your Vehicle After An Accident

16 October 2015
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If you are liable for the cost of the mechanical and cosmetic repairs to your vehicle after an accident, you might find yourself worried about how much you're going to pay. However, by taking a few minutes to read through the following tips, you should have no problem saving a substantial amount of money. Let Them Pull The Dents But Skip The Paint Depending on the severity of the damage done to your vehicle, you might have a few dents that can be simply popped out with the proper equipment. Read More 

Getting The Best Collision Repair After An Accident

13 October 2015
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When you get in an accident, one of your main concerns has to be how to get your car running again. If you have insurance, they may recommend a body shop to you. Instead, of feeling pressured into taking this recommendation, you should feel free to do your own research and make your own decision about where to take your car. How Insurance Companies Make Their Claims An insurance company does not make money by paying large sums of money for repairing cars after collisions. Read More 

How To Repair Minor Scratches On A Car

9 October 2015
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It is very common to get scratches on your car as your automobile gets older. The car as it travels, it can get scratched very easily by stones that shoot up as you are driving or it can brush up against almost anything and cause a scratch. Scratches must be dealt with immediately when you first notice them or they can develop into potential rust spots that will spread throughout the rest of the car's body. Read More