Three Problems That May Be Hidden When Doing Car Repairs After An Accident

20 October 2015
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If you have been in a car accident, sometimes getting your car fixed can be a lot of work. There are some problems that may not be as noticeable when doing repairs. Sometimes, these problems can even go unnoticed and continue costing you money in the form of extra repairs, tires and safety. Here are some of the less noticeable damages that an accident can cause your car:

1. Problems With Brakes That Can Cause Safety Problems

When you have been in a wreck, there are many hidden problems that you may have. This can include problems with your brake system. You may not see some of the less obvious problems, such as a brake line being pinched. If the front of your car has been damaged, there can also be problems with the brake cylinder, which is under the hood in the engine compartment. You will want to have your brakes looked at after you have been in a car accident to make sure they are working properly.

2. Suspension Problems Causing Issues With The Handling

One of the most common problems after an accident is suspension problems. You may have the dents and bodywork done, but still have problems with the suspension. This can be due to things like axle shaft, tie rods and other suspension parts being damaged during the accident. When you have an accident, you will want to have an alignment done to check if there are any problems. If there are severe problems, you may want to have complete wheel assemblies replaced to ensure your car does not have any problems.

3. Bent Frame Problems That Can Cause Tires To Wear And More

Another problem that sometimes goes overlooked is the damage to the frame. This can happen when the car gets hit hard and the frame bent. With modern cars, there is often a sub frame, which means that the body frame are connected together. To fix this, the frame has to be repaired and bent back into position according to the original factory specs. If your frame is bent, you will want to take your car to a professional body shop to get it back the way it should be.

These are some of the less noticeable problems that your car may have after an accident. If your car needs repairs to accident damage, contact an auto body repair shop such as Collision-One, Inc. to evaluate the damage and get your car back on the road.