Getting The Best Collision Repair After An Accident

13 October 2015
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When you get in an accident, one of your main concerns has to be how to get your car running again. If you have insurance, they may recommend a body shop to you. Instead, of feeling pressured into taking this recommendation, you should feel free to do your own research and make your own decision about where to take your car.

How Insurance Companies Make Their Claims

An insurance company does not make money by paying large sums of money for repairing cars after collisions. Thus, and adjuster might not be concerned with what auto shop is most qualified to make repairs to your car. Instead, they will look for a shop that gives the lowest quote for the work to be done. Depending on what sort of damage you have, this might not be the right approach to getting your car fixed. 

Body Damage

If you have a few scratches to your car's paint or a few dents in a door panel, then any body shop should be able to take care of the damage for you. Even if you have to order in a new body panel or bumper, any repair shop should be able to order the panel, affix it to your car properly, and match it with the existing panels on your car. 

When to Be Picky

If you have damage to the electronics of your car or to another unique features to your car, you will want to look for a repair shop that has experience in working with the kind of damage that your car has. For example, if your car's central computer is damaged, you need a technician who is familiar with how the computer works and how to make repairs, Similarly, if you have an upper-end car with unique technological, mechanical, or trim features, you want to make sure that you take your car to a repair technician who is used to working on them. Ask mechanics about what certifications they have and what sort of training they have received to work on cars like yours. In some cases, a manufacturer may not honor a warranty unless you take your car to trained mechanics who know how to care for your car.

Saving a few dollars is a worthy car, but if saving a few dollars leads to voiding a warranty or to a car that does not run as well as it should, saving a few dollars is not the right focus. To get the best repairs for your car, make sure you take your car to a mechanic (click here for more information) who is qualified to work on your car.