How To Repair Fiberglass Dings

18 May 2016
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Fiberglass is very common on certain parts of a car body. Most likely, your car will have a fiberglass bumper, but it is common along the running board and certain parts of the undercarriage. One reason that fiberglass is used on these areas of the car is that they are likely to get dinged and repairing fiberglass is simple. In fact, you can buy a simple fiberglass repair kit that includes almost everything you need to repair fiberglass dings on your car. This article explains exactly what you need and how to use it.

Supplies for the Job

Everything that comes in a fiberglass kit is absolutely necessary for the job. But, there are few other supplies that you also need. So, don't expect to buy a kit and have everything that you need. The kits usually include fiberglass cloth, resin, a tube of hardener, mixing tray, mixing stick and plastic spreader. You will also need painter's tape, scissors and auto body sandpaper.

Prepping the Ding

First, you need to prep the dinged area. If the paint on the ding is chipped or cracked you might need to sand it down a bit. This will help knock down any edges of the paint and make the surface as flat as possible. You don't need to sand off the paint, but you want the surface to be consistent so the resin will stick well to it. Next, cut the fiberglass cloth to size. Usually, you want it to overlap that ding by an inch or so on each side. Then, using small pieces of tape, tape the corners down over the ding.

Mixing and Spreading the Resin

You don't want to mix the resin with the hardener until you are completely ready to spread it onto the ding. Mix the recommended amounts in the mixing tray and then get ready to immediately apply it to the cloth. Obviously, you want to remove the tape before you spread the resin over the corners. Once you slop some of the resin onto the cloth, it will hold it in place so you can remove the tape. Spread the resin as thinly as possible. Then, apply a second coat after the resin is completely dry.

Finally, you can sand down the patched area to make it blend in with the rest of the car. You can now decide if you want to add some touch up paint to the patched area or just leave it as it is. Contact a business, such as Auto Body By Duie LLC, for more information.