Protect Your Car While Waiting For Hail Damage Repair

19 January 2019
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You know that it is important that you repair the hail damage to your car, so you are on the right track. However, you might not be able to have the repairs performed right away. If this scenario sounds like your situation, it's important you know how to protect your vehicle until you can have repairs performed to avoid any further damage. Here are some of the things you can do to protect your car.

Avoid the Rain

Make sure you don't take your vehicle out for a ride when it's raining outside, or even the possibility of rain is on the radar. A large clump of hail won't just dent your car, but it can break through the paint and expose the untreated metal surface of your vehicle. 

Even the slightest amount of moisture that comes in contact with the metal can lead to rust. So, keep your car as dry as possible until your repair appointment.

Don't Try to Self-Repair

Even if your vehicle hasn't sustained significant hail damage, you should not try to speed up the repair process by attempting to repair the damage on your own. The problem with self-repair is that most people have no idea what they are doing. 

This lack of knowledge breeds error, including costly errors that can make the damage worse. Additionally, if the insurance company is paying for repairs, any damage you do to your car might not be covered under the claim. 

Park in a Covered Area

You should always park your vehicle in a covered area until you can have the repairs performed. You do not want to park your car in an uncovered area where it will be exposed to the sun. In the same manner that the elements in rainwater can damage the exposed metal on your car, the sun's UV rays can be equally damaging. 

Even if the bare metal on your vehicle is not exposed, if there is even a tiny crack in the pain, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the paint to breakdown and chip. As a result, instead of a simple paintless dent repair job, you'll need to have the dent and the paint repaired. 

If you have not made an appointment to have your hail damage repaired — do so right away. After your repairs, you'll be on your way, and your car will look like it was never damaged at all. Contact a service, like Superior Dent Solutions, for more help.