Adding A Custom Look To Your Car With A Vinyl Wrap

1 February 2021
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Vinyl car wrapping is not new, but the materials in use now are far better quality and easier to create custom car wraps from than in the early days. Changing the entire look of a vehicle is possible with the right wrap, and with digital printing, many different graphics can be added to the car far easier than having them painted on.

Designing Your Wrap

When you are ready to consider custom car wraps or a unique graphic for your vehicle, the best place to start is at a shop specializing in wrapping vehicles. Often these companies design and install custom car wraps on vehicles for people looking to make a statement with their car or for companies that are marketing a product on their company vehicles. In either case, vinyl companies have a lot of experience creating the perfect wrap for you and installing it on the car. Solid color wraps are pretty straightforward, but custom car wraps with a lot of details or graphic elements can be tougher to install correctly. 

The wrap company can help you layout the wrap and then generate a preview for you to look at before the wrap is printed. They will often sit down and go through all your ideas and help you understand what will fit on the car and look good.

Creating The Wrap

Once the wrap design is complete, the custom car wraps are then printed with special printers, and the design becomes part of the vinyl that will go on the car. The way the print is put on can be critical. If it is not aligned correctly, the printed parts of the design may not land on the right surface of the car when the wrap goes on. 

Even small variations in the design can make the wrap look terrible, so it is essential that the custom car wraps company has a large selection of car templates in their database to work from. 

Solid Color Wraps

If you do not want a design on the car but want to change the color, adding a solid color vinyl wrap to your car or truck is not overly complicated, and it can be far cheaper than painting the vehicle. Custom car wraps that use modern materials are nondestructive and can actually protect the original finish on the car. 

They are also easy to remove if you choose to change the color again down the road. In some cases, an expensive car can be wrapped in the same color as the paint to protect the vehicle from the weather and preserve that original finish and value of the car.

Reach out to a nearby company that provides custom car wraps to learn more.